Clean Water 4 Life aims to set up 25 Water Wells for clean drinking water in the Pacific Islands

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Why is the need for water wells so critical?

Many Pacific Islands are experiencing severe drought over the last 2 years.
There is no rain which is preventing access to clean drinking water.

Help us build 25 Water Wells at $2,500 AUD per water well.

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Current Situation

  • Current water tanks are dry and empty
  • School Principals are forced to send children home early because they lack clean drinking water
  • Poisoned water from the Gold Ridge Mine Tailings dam is leaking arsenic into a river, creating a “disaster zone” where the water is not to be drunk
  • Poor people are forced to dig shallow open wells for drinking water
  • This is causing many illnesses like diarrhea, cramping, fever and sickness even leading to death
  • One water well with hand pumping system can provide clean drinking water for a village of 20 homes

How has CleanWater4Life & Mission World Aid seen great impact
in the Pacific Islands with water wells?

Clean Water4Life & Mission World Aid have provided safe drinking water that eliminates illness from bacteria found in rivers and shallow open water wells.

Progress to Date

  • 30 successful wells have been set up since 2013 for Churches, Villages, Clinics, Schools
  • Communities can now pump water wells 16 metres deep.
  • 12 local men from the village of Fa’arau are fully trained up and expert in the art of installing water wells
  • Sickness has been dramatically reduced due to clean drinking water for communities.
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What will CleanWater4Life & Mission World Aid do with the funds
for the water well construction?

The expert local team will use two existing mobile well drilling rigs to build 25 water wells by the end of 2016. Twenty-five communities have already been identified during a needs and capability analysis

We need your help to

  • Buy supplies and materials to build water wells
  • Hire a transport boat to go from island to island with well drilling equipment so all the villages along the arsenic poisoned river can use a clean safe water well.
  • Apply proven community development principles that have been successful in Fa’arau and neighboring villages on the island of Malaita.
  • Provide health education to the locals on clean drinking water
  • Train people in each location to dig and maintain clean water wells and how to develop their water supply.
  • Go everywhere with the love and joy of Jesus Christ giving our best to see justice done through provision of clean drinking water to as many people as possible.
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Help us build 25 Water Wells at $2,500 AUD per water well.

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