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Our Journey with Jesus in Fa’arau Solomon Islands

My first ministry trip to the Solomon Islands was in August of 2008. I connected with Freddie Mannie a 26 year old worship leader/intercessor from the Solomon Islands in June of 2008 in the GPR at IHOPKC. 

Freddie was deeply encountered while reading the Mike Bickle book “Pleasures of Loving God” while doing the nightwatch with me. God released an explosion of revelation one night out of SOS 1:5 “I am dark but lovely”

I was sitting next to Freddie when this lightening bolt of revelation struck his heart. Freddie turned to me and exclaimed “Rick you must come share this revelation that God likes us even in our weakness to my nation” Freddie said “Rick this will change everything if my people get this revelation!”

I secured the airfare and off Freddie and I journey back together to share with the Islanders. First stop was the jungle village of Fa’arau, Solomon Islands which where Freddie was born and grew up. I was warmly received and asked to stay and share nightly for 5 continuous nights which I did.

I shared my personal testimony and from Is. 42 that entire week. God spoke to me the very first night we were together. Actually Pastor Albert asked me around midnight that first night together if I would link hands with him on one hand and a church elder holding my other hand. Pastor Albert said “Rick please ask the Lord how he would have you link together with us here in Fa’arau.”

Frankly I was thinking this was just a once in a lifetime visit and hadn’t even considered linking or ever returning to Fa’arau at this point. So I bowed my head and prayed a silent prayer to God  asking Him about my linking to this jungle village and their church.

I forgot to tell you that this is a jungle village of approx 250 people of which 70 are children and they are dirt poor. No jobs. No money other than the pennies they can raise selling their fruits and vegetables at the market. No toilets! No running water! No electricity!. One vehicle amongst this entire village!
Well as I was linked hand to hand to hand with my jungle Pastor Albert and this elder named Jepson. I prayed saying. “God do You want me to link together with Fa’arau?”   The Lord thundered in my inner man saying. “Rick if you will help this jungle village build a bridge in the natural ….I will build a bridge in the Spirit and birth a 24/7 prayer room right here in this jungle village.”

The next morning I walked up the only dirt road back to the one and only bridge with my digital camera in hand to see what God was telling me? Boy oh boy was I ever shocked to see that the Fa’arau wood bridge was rotten and unsafe for their vehicle to be traveling across it. Obviously I was stunned that I heard God’s voice and now I could see with my eyes that they needed a new bridge.

After my one week visit my escort Freddie Mannie and I took the 3 hour boat ride back to the Capital city of Honiara. I had several days before my flight would depart so Freddie arranged for me to visit his uncle Meshack a prophet of God.

We arrived after dark and Meshack was sitting in his small jungle shack with several kerosene lanterns in his dimly lit rustic dwelling. Meshack asked if he could share with me about an encounter he had had with God some 15-20 years prior to my visit in 2008. Meshack explained that during a 40 day fast up by himself on prayer mountain that the Lord spoke to him in an audible voice saying….” In the last days I will raise up my 24/7 Pray House in every nation, tongue, and tribe. And the way that the Pastor’s receive their monies from shepherding the sheep, I will raise up my full time prayer warriors and give them the monies they need to pray day and night in My Prayer Houses” 

Then Meshack looks at my and says “Brother Ricky what do you do for your income in America?” I answered Meshak ” that I raise my financial support and serve as a full time intercessor at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, but  Meshack responded “No Ricky I don’t thin you understand my question. I’m asking you Ricky what do you do for your monies? What is your occupation?” 

I smiled and explained to Meshack that people pay me to pray as my full time occupation at the International HOP in Kansas City. Oh I wish you could have witnessed the next expression on Meshacks face! His jaw dropped and as he gasped he said “Then it’s happening! Ricky we must be in the last days if God is filling His prayer rooms with prayer warriors and paying them to pray!”

Well I left wondering how long it would take for me to raise enough money to help them build a new bridge. After a few months I raised and wired them money to purchase materials and hire a bulldozer to remove the old rotten wood bridge and build a new bridge.

They started working on the new bridge and it was totally completed in March of 2010. (But I am unaware that the 24/7 prayer room was birthed in Feb 2009.) I wired them the money for the new bridge in  December of 2008 and I scheduled a return trip in March of 2009 so I could go encourage them to at least start doing a night watch because they never emailed me about getting their Fa’arau HOP up and running.

So I did return in March of 2009 with the goal to encourage this small jungle village to at least start a nightwatch. I was thinking it is so hot and humid every day and no electricity means no air conditioning but since the nights are cooler I was all set to tell these dear saints that if I’m in my mid fifties and if I can do the nightwatch 6 nights a week than so can you right here in the Solomon Islands. Well surprise, surprise!

I arrive in March and the first night we gather in the Church building and it is extravagant night of worship and prayer and of course their traditional tribal welcoming of me! I deliver my greeting but no teaching on night one. I’m gonna save my fiery exhortation for our 2nd evening gathering! So at around midnight we close our first night’s meeting and on my previous visit’s they would use the 2 kerosene lanterns (used to illuminate the church) to walk me back to my accomations but not so this time? I said to Pastor Albert and Aaron ...”why are those young people still staying? And why is the acoustic guitar worship leader still singing?” They say, “Brother Ricky tonight we take you back by torch. We want to surprise you. One month ago we started up our 24/7 Fa’HOP Mission Base!”

My initial visit was in August, 2008. My second visit was March 2009 right after the birthing of this 24/7 Prayer House. Then in September I returned with the first team of young people and during this third trip the Lord spoke that it was not OK with Him that the people in this village were walking 2 kil to fetch their drinking water from a river. So I began raising funds to install them a well.

My fourth trip was September of 2010 and again it was a team of 3 young ladies and 3 young men from IHOP-KC. My 5th trip was in October of 2011 and the Lord had spoken to the leadership to build a orphan/visitor house which would be needed to train up singers and musicians.

My 6th visit/ministry assignment was in 2012. I returned with another team from IHOPKC to install a sanitary drinking water well. Plus we took Rev Kwon (a Korean) to train the men of Fa’arau on becoming the first well drilling business on the Island of Malaita! Praise God who helped us to raise enough money to purchase this village an 18 horsepower hydraulic well drilling machine!

So on  March 27, 2012 the well drilling rig was loaded onto the ship and is now sailing for the jungle village of Fa’arau, Solomon Islands! Soon, they will no longer have to fetch their drinking water from the river. The trailor type well drilling rig arrived on June 1. It quickly cleared customs and arrived on June 8th to the village of Fa’arau.

In August of 2012 our dream will finally come true! Because of our many generous partners we will not only drill them a sanitary drinking water well, but we will also train them on how to become the first well drilling business on this Island of 200,000 people! Other donated items sent in the 20′ container with the rig included 40 Bibles, a case Solar D-Lights, a bass guitar, a new keyboard, 6 music stands, 4 high quality microphones with stands, 2 speakers, and all the misc materials we will need to install their first well!

We continue to raise funds to help the Church in Fa’arau obtain construction materials to build this Orphan/Visitor house and eventually also construct a new building for the 24/7 Prayer House. How thrilling it is to help the people in this jungle village. Not only are we providing sanitary drinking water, but also allowing them to start a well drilling business to help fund the prayer movement in the Solomon Islands! Mark 9:41 says, “Whoever gives you a cup of water to drink in My name because you belong to Christ, assuredly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.”

Our Journey with Jesus in Fa’arau Solomon Islands
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