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Update On The Orphan/Visitor House in the Solomon Islands

On Friday July 3, 2015 I received several great photo’s of the construction progress for the 55ft X 35ft Orphan/Visitor House in Fa’arau, Solomon Islands! Look closely at the interior photo and notice the fluorescent lighting fixture? Since there is no electricity in Fa’arau the lighting will be provided by using a generator. The masonite on the interior walls & ceiling is now painted and the glass louvers for windows are now installed including the window screens installed. It is now time to sand the wood flooring and apply a wood sealer. Once the 2nd floor is finished the Fa’arau construction team will begin working on the ground level next. By looking closely at the exterior photo you will notice that the exterior doors are installed and the 2nd floor exterior wood flooring is done! So now masonite sheets are needed to finish the exterior ceiling, which will need both primer and painting.  

Our vision for this 55ft X 35ft Orphan/Visitor House is to provide housing and training for orphan children and youths to serve in the Fa’HOP 24/7 House of Prayer. Plus provide housing accommodations for events at Fa’HOP such as Pastor’s Retreats, Women’s Ministry Retreats, and Youth Retreats. It can also be used for housing international groups wanting to visit. There is a beautiful prophetic worship anointing on the musicians and singers at Fa’HOP. People like myself and many others love to come and experience the “presence worship”  at Fa’HOP! Some who have visited have told me that they heard the angels voices singing along with the Fa’arau worshippers.

In 2014 our team empowered & trained unemployed locals in the village of Fa’arau, Solomon Islands to use power tools for this project.  I’m blessed by these photo’s as I’m sure you are blessed too with seeing the quality workmanship. Remember Fa’arau is a village without electricity! But God birthed His 24/7 House of Prayer in Fa’arau in 2009. Prayer & fasting has birthed the vision to house and train local orphans to serve in the Fa’arau House of Prayer. Please pray about sending a contribution towards the cost of the construction materials.  We still need $25,000.00 – $30,000 to complete this Orphan/Visitor House Project.

What a beautiful TRANSFORMATION is taking place here in Fa’arau, Solomon Islands! First God established His 24/7 HOP back in 2009! Now we have Intercessors/Concrete Block Makers/Lumberjacks/Well Drillers/Construction workers! 

Thank you partners!  Together we are empowering the poor and oppressed! Wow!

Here is a list of some of the  materials that are needed for the completion of the upper floor and for starting work on the ground floor level construction.


  • We are at a point where we need of roof guttering and water holding tanks to catch rain water. 
  • We a septic tank. 
  • We also need 30 sheets of masonite.
  • We need to purchase one electric planer for sanding the wood floors.
  • We need to purchase the varnish to seal the wood floors. 
  • We need 1000 bags of portland cement to pour to ground level footing and concrete slab. We need furniture such as beds, dressers, table & chairs, to furnish the upstairs portion. 



Update On The Orphan/Visitor House in the Solomon Islands